MAG P-2 organ

MAG P-2 digital organ with stand


Our P-2 model is absolutely unparalleled in its dedication to replicating the tone and feel of the original tonewheel organ cockpit. This stunning flagship model truly embodies authenticity in every detail, so that players can enjoy an incredible experience that feels nearly identical to the original. Not a single aspect has been overlooked – from the precise placement of the intuitive additional controls on the left end-blocks, to the attention paid when creating the most common aftermarket mods- everything has been designed with the utmost care to ensure that our users can enjoy a seamless and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re looking to relive the nostalgic memories of the original tonewheel organ cockpit or experience it for the first time, the P-2 is the perfect solution.


MAG vibrato chorus


Rotary controls on upper left end-block: Volume, Overdrive, Tone, Pedal Sustain and Reverb intensity Push buttons on lower left end-block for controlling reverb type, keyboard split, pedals assignment and by-passing and programming the Mini Vent II if installed.

Percussions switches


61 keys waterfall manuals + 12 reversed color keys controlling which drawbar set or presets is active 4 sets of 9 drawbars + 2 drawbars for pedals

MAG organ meme, a girl ifting easily an organ


This item weighs 20.8 kilograms, which is about 45.85 pounds. It measures 1.157 meters by 0.471 meters by 0.173 meters, or 45.551 inches by 18.543 inches by 6.811 inches.

MAG prices


P-2 Base Version starts at €4337 (EU price including 21% Czech VAT) or €3584 (extra EU export price)

I've been playing the organ for over 40 years, and I've owned different digital organs over the years as well as original consoles. The MAG organ is by far the best one I've ever played. The sound is incredibly realistic, and the expressive capabilities are amazing. I can't believe how much control I have over the sound. I can create any kind of organ sound I can imagine, from traditional jazzy clean sounds to more rock roaring sounds. The playing feel is also excellent. The keys and the overall layout feels like the real thing and the organ responds quickly to my touch. I can play any kind of music I want on the MAG organ, from funk to jazz to rock. Max is more than the boss of the company, he's a friend now. Thank you!!! I'm so glad I decided to buy the MAG organ. It's the best digital organ I've ever played, and I'm sure it will be the last one I ever need.

Pietro Taucher playing at the Schmölzer Blues Tage with his Taucher's Rock And Roll Circus
Photo by Cris Kilper ©2023

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