it's MAGic

The Good Old Familiar Feeling In Every Detail


Extra solid light-weight construction
Aircraft grade thick aluminum panels with integral powder coating
CNC cut, light and sturdy solid wood panels.


Precious hardwood side panels available (Maple, Walnut, Cherry & others).

Top quality electronic components selected from the most renowned manufacturers.

Wide selection of options
Direct interface to rotary speaker
Effect loop
Side kick switch on swell pedal to control rotary speaker speed
A Mini Vent II, the  rotary speaker emulator, can be fully integrated in the organs.

Delvon Lamarr

Delvon Lamarr with Mag P-2
mag p-2 custom organ deep purple

Purple's Limited Edition

Don't call me a clone! 

The sound engine is the worldwide acclaimed Carsten Meyer's HX3 board surrounded by proprietary boards designed for the best functionality, further enhancing the tones generated by the sound engine and granting a total reliability on the toughest stages. Hyper-detailed virtual modeling of the classic tonewheel generator with all its imperfections, 91 “always spinning” digital tonewheels for an incredibly realistic sound, lively dynamic emulation of the real key-click.

MAG P-2 custom organ

The P-2 double manual custom organ