The Accessories

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The Accessories

In order to allow the best performance some accessories are needed or at least very useful. Here some of them. Stay tuned some more are on the way...

PU-1 Programmer Unit

It allows accessing all lthe parameterrs to personalize the sound in an extremely easy way.

PB-25 Pedalboard

It's a 25 notes radial flat MIDI pedalboard; from the player viewpoint is a replica of the old ones in order to avoid any need of adaptation by the player. No shortcut in the design and the selection of the materials guarantee the highest quality and reliability. It transmits on MIDI channel 3 and in connection with our organs it receives the power through the the cable who transfers the MIDI signals (not a standard MIDI cable but fully compatible with the standard connectors). In case of use with other organs an optional connector and a power pack may be selected at order. It is prepared for quick attachment of the VP-1 pedal atop of it in the correct position and at the correct angle.

PB-20 Pedalboard

It;s a 20 notes radial flat MIDI pedalboard. It shares with the PB-25 design and materials, but 5 notes less and some centimeters shorter pedals make it a smaller and lighter unit, ideal for the gigging organ player.

VP-1 Volume Pedal

Available in two version as stand alone unit or for installation atop of the radial pedalboards, the VP-1 is based on OEM pedal heavily modified in order to obtain a long travel of about 30 deg.

KS-1 Kick-switch

Some players like to have kick-switch(es)  on the expression pedal in order to control the rotary speaker speed. Our switch has been designed to be compatible with our VP-1 as well as with the the pedal of old consoles and possibly many other with similar construction style. Needle bearings are used for maximum smoothness and reliability.