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What's behind MAG


Top performance

It’s true that a great musician, artist, sport player, can play wonders in any situation, but a real top performance can only be achieved when using the best tools of the trade. It’s kind of subtle matter, but if you really want to count on the last drop of your musical talent and inspiration when you want/need it, you have to have the best musical instrument under your hands; quite obviously it has to have nothing less than a great sound, but it also has to give you the right feeling when you touch it, when you interact with it and last but not least it has to satisfy your eyes any time you watch it as well.

Learn from guitar players

Guitarists willing to invest in this aspect of their rig have a huge selection of custom crafted guitars and boutique amps, but this doesn’t apply to the gigging organ player, who up to now had only to choose between carrying around the original beast all of us are in love with, accepting all the difficulties connected with age, dimensions and weight, or relying to mass-produced controllers or clones which, even though in some selected cases come quite close to the original sound, very often are missing something or a lot in other aspects.

Design Concepts

MAG Custom Organs, intends to offer to discerning organ player the best replica of the original sound available in a package which better suits the needs of the performing musician, without any compromise reproducing the feeling of the classical “cockpit” to which we are all used to.

Our goal

Goal is that when you sit behind one of our organs you feel as good and comfortable as with an old friend and have all under your fingers in the most natural places where you expect it to be; everything the player sees and touches has to have the 100 % authentic feeling.

Get in control

The sound and the features of our organs can be fully adapted to the needs and the musical taste of the player but not through cluttered multi-menu displays placed where they simply do not belong. An optional removable programming unit will offer full control of  all these hidden parameters to memorize your settings and change them every time you feel so, keeping on the organ only the controls really needed during the performance. As alternative to the programmer this task can also be accomplished through a PC (Windows) connected to the USB port installed in the back panel.

We listen to you

In the truly spirit of a Custom Shop, we are here to listen and accordingly produce what you will like most, so don’t be afraid to come up with some requests, if there is a way to accomplish them we will find it out.

Don Airey's signature organ with Deep Purple


How your "perfect organ" should look like?

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