The C-1

single manual custom organ


the perfect organ for any keyboard setup

The C-1

The C-1 is the single keyboard version of the C-2 . If you use to play the organ atop of another keyboard, which through MIDI can act as a lower manual, this may be the right solution for you.
Weighing just a bit over 9 kg you will be able to play killer organ sounds from the best lay-out even in the smallest of gigs.


-61 keys waterfall manuals
-Slim end blocks at the both ends of the keyboard(s) to conjugate small dimensions to an uncompromised playability
-2 sets of 9 drawbars + 2 drawbars for pedals
-4 presets
-4 push buttons for controlling reverb, keyboard split and pedals assignment
-4 Rotary controls for adjusting Volume, Overdrive, Tone and Pedal Sustain;
As an options is possible to have one of the 4 potentiometers assigned to the continuous control of Reverb intensity.

Weight: 9.1 Kg. Dimensions: 912 x 324 x 103 mm


C-1 Basic Version starts at

€2.396 (EU price including 21% Czech VAT)

€1.980 (extra EU export price)

"All you have to do is play one note. But it needs to be the right note." Herbie Hancock


details of the custom organ


some words from our beloved MAG users

RICHARD O'DONNELL / Edinburgh (Scotland)

Really enjoying my Mag C2 dual manual organ.
Compact and light but got all I controls I need for the perfect portable tonewheel organ sound. My one has a Mini-Vent leslie effect built into it, as well as an 11-pin Leslie output, as well as the HX3's leslie sim. It's even got a mono organ output jack socket (without any leslie sim). All adds up to a VERY versatile instrument.
Build quality is superb AND it looks COOL !.

ARMANDO VALENCIA / Wading River, New York (U.S.)

Kudos to Max – he’s built an incredible product in the Mag P-2. The P-2, as well as other Mag Organs, showcases Max’s impeccable build quality and attention to detail down to the “bolts” adjacent to the rocker tabs (which on a console, hold the manuals together) and real metal drawbars with the scale and subtle ratchet feel found on original Hammond A100/B3/C3 series consoles. Running the HX3 sound engine, the organ may also be customized to suit your needs. I opted for custom curly maple side panels, built in Mini-Vent and a multi pin Leslie connector. Very well done, Max !!!

JO ALDINGER / teacher of piano and musical theory at the college of music „Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden, Germany

„I tested almost all hammond clones on the planet. The MAG organ is by far the best sounding one and, above all, it just feels and looks like a real instrument. Thanks to Max Ghirardi and Carsten Meyer!“