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The P-2 is our flagship. In it we have reproduced the “cockpit” of the original tonewheel organ down to the smallest of its details. Everything the player touches and sees feels exactly like what we are all used to have at our finger tips. The few intuitive additional controls are installed on the left end-blocks where the controls of the aftermarket most common mods used to be placed.



In the C-2 we retained all the most important features and the lay-out of classic tonewheel organ, sacrificing the presets octave and 2 sets of drawbars in favor of low weight and portability. All of our instruments are sturdy and very lightweight, and in a really compact and lightweight package, you can have a “real organ” at your fingertips on stage and take it everywhere with you just under your arm.



The C-1 is the single keyboard version of the C-2 . If you use to play the organ atop of another keyboard, which through MIDI can act as a lower manual, this may be the right solution for you. Weighing just a bit over 9 kg you will be able to play killer organ sounds from the best lay-out even in the smallest of gigs.



add-ons and extras for your set-up


In order to allow the best performance some accessories are needed or at least very useful. Stay tuned, the more on the way…


Gig Bags

Custom made high quality gig bags with embroidered logo are available for both organs and pedalboards.

Flight Cases

Flight cases, built with Penn Elcom components, are available in both a light version and a fully ATA compliant version, suggested in case of frequent flying and/or handling by roadies.


What our clients say about us?

„I tested almost all hammond clones on the planet. The MAG organ is by far the best sounding one and, above all, it just feels and looks like a real instrument. Thanks to Max Ghirardi and Carsten Meyer!“



musical theory & piano teacher at the College of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden, Germany

"As a touring musician I had the chance to play many different digital organs, I love the real thing and there's nothing like a well serviced and maintained ol' consoles but nowadays they are very rare and expensive even for the big Festival budgets. The Mag P-2 is now my first choice when a old tone-wheels consoles is not available, I love the layout, which is identical to the real thing, but what I love the most is the last high octave! The MAG can seriously scream on the last top C, as well as can be very warm and gentle on the comping parts. I own a P-2 myself for the local gig and since then my old organ is sleeping in my home studio! MAG team after sale is magnificent, they really care of me and helpful in every kind of request. Thank you MAG"

pietro taucher


organ player for Sharrie Williams, Slam Allen Band & Enrico Crivellaro Band
Kudos to Max – he’s built an incredible product in the Mag P-2. The P-2, as well as other Mag Organs, showcases Max’s impeccable build quality and attention to detail down to the “bolts” adjacent to the rocker tabs (which on a console, hold the manuals together) and real metal drawbars with the scale and subtle ratchet feel found on original tonewheel consoles. Running the HX3 sound engine, the organ may also be customized to suit your needs. I opted for custom 5A curly maple side panels in high gloss polyurethane, built-in Mini-Vent and a multipin rotary speaker connector. Very well done, Max !!!


Wading River, New York (U.S.)

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