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The P-2


The P-2 is our flagship. In it we have reproduced the “cockpit” of the original tonewheel organ down to the smallest of its details. Everything the player touches and sees feels exactly like what we are all used to have at our finger tips. The few intuitive additional controls are installed on the left end-blocks where the controls of the aftermarket most common mods used to be placed.

Specific Features:

  • 61 keys waterfall manuals + 12 reversed color keys controlling which drawbar set or presets is active
  • 4 sets of 9 drawbars + 2 drawbars for pedals
  • Rotary controls on upper left end-block: Volume, Overdrive, Tone,  Pedal Sustain and Reverb intensity
  • Push buttons on lower left end-block for controlling reverb type, keyboard split, pedals assignment and by-passing and programming the Mini Vent II if installed
  • Available also in a traditional replica cabinet with integral or removable legs.


P-2 Base Version starts at 3.590 € (EU price including 21% Czech VAT) or 2.967 € (extra EU export price)

Weight: 20.8 Kg. Dimensions: 1.157 x 471 x 173 mm