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The C-1

C-1 Front

The C-1 is the single keyboard version of the C-2 . If you use to play the organ atop of another keyboard, which through MIDI can act as a lower manual, this may be the right solution for you. Weighing just a bit over 9 kg you will be able to play killer organ sounds from the best lay-out even in the smallest of gigs.

Specific Features:

  • 61 keys waterfall manuals
  • Slim end blocks at the both ends of the keyboard(s) to conjugate small dimensions to an uncompromised playability
  • 2 sets of 9 drawbars + 2 drawbars for pedals
  • 4 presets
  • 4 push buttons for controlling reverb, keyboard split and pedals assignment
  • 4 Rotary controls for adjusting Volume, Overdrive, Tone and Pedal Sustain;
  • As an options is possible to have one of the 4 potentiometers assigned to the continuous control of  Reverb intensity


C-1 Base Version starts at 2.396 € (EU price including 21% Czech VAT) or 1.980 € (extra EU export price)

Weight: 9.1 Kg. Dimensions: 912 x 324 x 103 mm

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