The P-2


The P-2 is our flagship. In it we have reproduced the “cockpit” of the original tonewheel organ down to the smallest of its details. Everything the player touches and sees feels exactly like what we are all used to have at our finger tips. The few intuitive additional controls are installed on the left end blocks where the controls of the aftermarket most common mods used to be placed.

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The C-2


In the C-2 we retained all the most important features and the lay-out of classic tonewheel organ, sacrificing the presets octaves and 2 sets of drawbars in favor of low weight and portability. All of our instruments are sturdy and very lightweight, and with slightly more than 15 kg  you can have a “real organ” at your fingertips on stage and take it everywhere with you just under your arm.

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The C-1

UC-1 Front

The C-1 is the single keyboard version of the C-2 . If you use to play the organ atop of another keyboard, which through MIDI can act as a lower manual, this may be the right solution for you. Weighing just a bit over 9 kg you will be able to play killer organ sounds from the best lay-out even in the smallest of gigs.

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The Accessories

In order to allow the best performance some accessories are needed or at least very useful. Here some of them. Stay tuned some more are on the way...

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